What is the story?



I had the joy of spending yesterday with one of my most beautiful friends for her 40th. This astonishing woman I met over a bottle of sambuca.
I had just returned from New York with the then man ( tool) and had to go and meet a whole load of the crowd he was part of at a garden party. No other way to cope with those people than to get tore in about the drink. Was a very long time ago.😘
Anyhoo, I was all sunglasses and jet lag and there was N. Looking as interested as me in the shenanigans so we bonded over our shared need to cope and the rest as they say is histoire……
We love nothing better than a get together over tea or fizz to chew the fat laugh and generally cause trouble.
Like the time we went to Edinburgh to go Christmas shopping,when we came home we were met with partners asking what we had bought. Cocktails was the answer. Oh well.
Or when I had just returned from China and was barely coping with breathing never mind the world and she just quietly looked after me and threw blankets over me on her chair as I went in to royal meltdown ( albeit helped by gin)
We rocked up to a lovely hotel for afternoon tea and I didn’t really know a soul there. There was no way I was unleashing the crazy as I didn’t know anyone else save for my two girlfriends. I started to look round at the others on the table and wondering what their story was. One of my friend always does this – so how do you know her then? – but this wasn’t the time or place for it. Catching snippets of conversations helped fill in some gaps but I still only had half an idea of where people were from or their connection to my friend.
Later we were a smaller group and that chat was verging on the outrageous but it was a Saturday and it was a lovely atmosphere. We started to play the what’s the story, selecting people in the bar and making up a story based purely on what we saw. Laugh? We could have been a walking advert for tena ladies.
We chatted about motherhood, reading books, whether we preferred werewolves or vampires and was it appropriate for your auld mammy to watch 50 shades?
And of course, it made me think about the children that often we don’t know the stories for so we try to fill them in. Not always helping in the process.
I remember all to well writing to a guidance teacher that I was a wee bit concerned about a wee girl who had become quite aggressive and wasn’t doing anything or engaging and looked like she had been out all night.
I had assumed she was probably discovering the joys of teenage carry outs and doing a bit of damage to herself on the drink.
Turns out this wee girl – well let’s just say it was a miracle she was even getting to school. Abuse going on right left and centre.
I had filled in her story without even knowing. No happy ending.

Yesterday was a laugher filled joyous day. The days that you put the romance back into your friendship and we certainly did.
Even wore my heels. Glittery ones. All day.
Cannae walk or feel my legs below the knees right enough. It was worth it and I’d do it again.
Happy Birthday N x


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