Passports oot…….


Well it would appear I am getting to that age. My pals are beginning to turn 40. It won’t happen to me, I have never actually got past 19 and no intentions of getting to 21.
Tonight we looked out the passports and did our cross-country jaunt across to Edinburgh.
There is that quiet competition between Edinbuggers and Weegies ( people from Edinburgh and people from Glasgow)
I’m from west of Edinburgh therefore I am Glaswegian. But as you may have realised, I am to Glaswegian. I am a hobbit from the coast.
Tonight was for my darling friend Jane. I met Jane at dance class when I was in my second year at uni. We could both of then be found sitting on the floor of the student union after a 2 hour dance class yakking away and ripping into some poor unsuspecting member of the class.
I have been dancing since I can remember,from dancing with mum in the kitchen to ballet classes at 3 and Scottish dance classes from primary.
I had not realised just how mental the world of Scottish dancing could be. Jane and I loved to dance but could not be doing with the politics, romances and subsequent hissy fits that followed. We were one of a select few along with my big darling pal Stuart who would, at the break in a ball, be changing back into our trainers and running over the meadows in Edinburgh to get to the boozer for a few swift ones ( while the mentalists brought out their flasks ( not hip ones) and got tore In about the sandwiches) while trying not to get mud on the gowns/ kilts.
Tonight was a party in a rugby club and the dilemma was what to wear. Now,as my pals will tell you, the majority of the time, I look like I have fallen out of a house move but I still manage to look overdressed when I go to Edinburgh.
It was an eclectic mix of people tonight and I did the mental stock take of everyone, trying to guess what their story was. We came to the conclusion it was a lot of people from the financial sector ( I don’t know why) …..
We were sat at a table with another few couples and eventually got chatting to the most charming man. He talked about his time in Glasgow and how is children are now at uni there. Did I know how much of a demand there was for teachers?if you did a post grad in teacher training you would be guaranteed a years work?
Played dumb and nodded along while secretly zoning out,pining for wine and trying desperately not to say my trigger phrase that everyone I know has clocked I use when I’m not listening ” is that right, aye?”
He then went on to tell me about musicians are brilliant at team work as if you look at how they interact with each other……
Blah blah blah.
However, things brightened up when he started to talk about his work and how for the past 30 years he has sat at the same chair and still gets the same buzz from his work. He’s an artisan jeweller who specialises in one-off pieces. He spoke his love for starting something from the beginning and working to create someone’s dream. Now that did chime with me.
It was unfortunate he was sitting next to me – the musician who is a teacher, But I didn’t lamp him.
It never fails to amaze me how people can just totally wax lyrical about things they don’t have a clue about and are so confident and sure of themselves. I learned a long time ago that often playing the daft lassie will get me further and not to jump in too quick to shut someone up.
Or if it all goes wrong I pretend I am a dolphin trainer.

Mammy points 9/10.
Manolos points 7/10


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