And then you realise…..


It all pales into significance…..

What a week. I mean really.
A week where I have thought my head would explode. Winding down? Feel like I am winding up with enough nervous energy to jump of a cliff and would still end up flying.
Lots of exciting things going on with wee groups of clouds making an appearance every so often.
Where is your response? Why have you not answered the email? I will get to it, where’s the coffee, the room is not very good, can you, can you, can you.
Of course my favourite is, I hate to do this to you when I know you are busy , but…..
Well yer right, I am busy.
Busy thinking how I convey my love to one of my best friends who should be having a first birthday party for her precious boy and instead is remembering him, born sleeping.
So the aunties and surrogate grannies were out with balloons and bubbles, candles and the like to show our solidarity and love for this inspiring mama.
Myself and the wee lady got a big sparkler in the front of the house and sang happy birthday while we blew bubbles,
We spoke out L and how it was his angelversary.
We took photos and gathered the messages from the girls so that we can put them in his memory book again.
Whether the coffee has arrived or whether I answer that email today wasn’t really important. Letting my friend know I loved her was. N,you are an inspiration, and we are with you and the boys everyday.
Happy Birthday Lewis, love always. X


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