I love a wee blether. You may have guessed.
On Sunday night at soup kitchen we were really busy with lots of people chatting and catching up. The weather was mild and that meant people were not in rush to get away. One of the best things we can do at soup kitchen is to talk to people who are there and very often you might be the only person they have spoken to all day.
There was an older gentleman standing back from where everyone was and I didn’t recognise him at all.
I went over to say hiya and check he was ok. Straight away he told me that he didn’t need anything, he wasn’t homeless and just came down to remind himself that there were good people.
He told me all about his life and how at 75 he still missed his mum. He spoke of his different jobs and what a good life he had enjoyed.
He was in no rush to leave and didn’t really engage with anyone else but was happy just to be there.
I had to see to a couple of things and he waited to chat as we left.
I’m not convinced of his story but then the important thing was that he had a blether and was listened to.
So of course it made me think about teaching ( what else) and about the wee quiet ones that when they have the chance for a blether, really do engage.
How the power of hello and a smile really does make the world of difference. I’m really hoping he comes back next week. Selfishly, I loved listening to him!


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