Madame, your dress is trays bien.


Madame, your dress is trays bien.
That quite frankly made my week.
I spent a good bit of time this week in classes assessing primary teachers. I had been working with a group of teachers in French.
It’s always interesting meeting a new class of teachers. I loved this group in particular as they made me laugh as we went along but all really shared my love of teaching languages. They were an eclectic bunch with different experience and different takes on the best way to deliver language, every one of them wanting to make a difference to every child they come into contact with.
I went out to visit L who was working with a p.2 class and I was sitting on the floor with my legs in a basket in a circle with the children. I loved the honestly of the children and they asked me where I was from in France, did my tattoo ( on my foot) hurt?, how many words did I know in English? I loved that they knew why French was important and they could tell me all about the skills they were learning.
Primary 2 and they knew what their next steps were. They were an absolute joy but what was really lovely was seeing the teacher in action. I had trained L in Spanish many years ago but feel I have had the chance to get to know her again through training her in French. I watched the way she interacted with her children and I couldn’t help but think I would want her to teach my little lady.
I then went to see G and K. K had trained in French years ago but had lost her confidence. G I had trained in Spanish before. They did a lesson together with p.6/7s and they were phenomenal. Their combined experience, energy, and enthusiasm was inspiring. Their children were totally engaged and the level of French was impressive. They sang, took part in games, wanted to take the lead role in learning and were keen to get involved.
Their enthusiasm for learning was exciting and again, truly inspirational.
But for me, the most inspiration was looking at these three teachers. As a trainer you are aware that you give the very best advice, theories based on your own practice and hints. To then see all of this in action and feeling the buzz in the classroom was quite something. To see the joy for the learners but even more so for the teachers was really quite special.
We started laughing when I asked them if they now believed there was method in my madness. They did,but what was perhaps really lovely was the fact they told me they felt they had the love back for their languages.
I admit, it was quite nice seeing some of my madness being put into action, and being told my dress was nice.


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