Get AFF the wine….


You should get aff the wine…..

While out and about on my visits I overheard a conversation with primary 2s about how wine was made. They went on to talk about how in olden days wine was made by people crushing grapes with their feet to which one wee horrified lady piped up” I better tell my mum to get off the wine if someone has had their feet in it” has kept me laughing for days.
Again, from the mouths of babes….
The wee lady has come home with all her work from school and we’ve had a right giggle reading over it. I always panic when it is the writing jotter, and I have to say it’s brought me nothing but joy. Seeing how she writes about her weekends, our adventures, the laughter in the house, the dancing, the shoes and shopping.

Today was the first day of the holidays and we had one of those days. A Dr.seuss day. Coffee, shopping, shoes, more shopping , lunch and then a bit more shopping. We both laughed as we talked about one of our favourite films: Enchanted – at one point the wee girl asked if this what shopping with your mother felt like… little lady and I had a shopping with mama day and I laughed my socks off.
The tone has been set for the holidays.

Manolos points are most def high.

Am off to eat celebrations.


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