You can take your holidays and …..


Right it’s all gone a bit serious. So back to the holidays. Being a mammy, a teacher and lover of shoes.
It is indeed the time of year where everyone is out doing each other with exotic holidays and extolling the virtues of how much work they have done for going back.
Well the pal that sent me photos from Cuba got a photo of the ducks from the local park. The pal that text me to say Germany was toasting got a picture of me n the wee lady with our shades on. The pals that are teachers who have been telling me about the amount of planning and work they have been doing have been congratulated and berated equally.
I don’t have an exotic location to tell you about and yes I have been doing work too but it’s been at my pace.
I don’t have any raucous nights to report ( yet) but I have read lots of books. I have not done the ironing but I have moved a wardrobe.
I have not met any superstars but I have spent lots of time with my nephews.
Most of all, I have had a magic time with my wee lady.
We have been on holiday together( was like being on holiday with my partner in crime without the swearing or fizz) and went giant hunting in Ireland. We sat in open top buses trying to catch the branches. It was a walk down memory lane for me as I had been there a very long time ago with the girls from uni.
It was great sharing the stories ( albeit a bit edited) with the wee lady and we laughed and laughed.
We travelled, visited, slept and generally had adventures and it was indeed good for the soul.
It still is.
Two full weeks left, and it will be peppered with get togethers, bits of work, long lies and I suspect drinking my body weight in tea most days.
I don’t feel the need for coffee at the moment but there is some shoe shopping coming on……


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