Dear 17 year old me….


Exam results time. Not a teacher in the land who hasn’t looked at the results and felt joy and sadness. Pupils are exactly the same.
I met with some of my former pupils ( it still pains me to say that ) and we were talking about options and I promised I would write this.

Dear 17-year-old me.

So, that fact you got a B for a higher English was indeed partly due to the fact that you wrote about the a Great Gatsby being a short story. I know you love to read, but seriously? A short story? Stop pretending you read bigger books. Just because you loved that story doesn’t mean you HAD to write about it.
Anyhoo. you know you will get the appeal.
So, did you know that you don’t need to go straight to uni after 5th year? You could have stayed on or even gone to college. I suppose that drive to move on has never left you.
Oh aye, that boy you used to hang about with in the music department as you both pretended to be looking at Rachmaninov but actually playing Prince and the Stone Roses? You will date him later in life. No, was ‘t what you remembered. He still wears doc martins but the floppy hair has gone and he’s still as cynical.
You will make the right decision about what Union to join but I warn you – You are going to hate the course. Your confidence is going to take a hammering as you are one of the youngest and a lot of the students have a-levels, gap years and great hair. You have your highers. End of.
You are going to meet lots of people on the bus to Uni, don’t feel you need to talk back to them when they make insane conversation.It will, however, provide the girls with stories about you for years.
Despite what your brother says, philosophy is not going to be your bag. Always remember to check you have sorted your skirt too, standing up in a lecture with your skirt tucked in your knickers is not a new fashion trend.
You are not really going to enjoy this year because you don’t feel you are as good as everyone else. However, it’s going to be a good foundation for moving to the capital. You are going to meet some of the most wonderful friends who will be with you through life, and will not tell the stories of post Hispanic society singing, purple amplifiers, the giants causeway and a take that t-shirt.

The fact is, you are making this choice based on a need to get out of school. It’s not the right one but then you were not really advised about other options. Talk to your teachers and keep your eye on the bigger picture. It’s ok not to know what you want to do yet.
More Information would have been good but it would not have changed your mind and then you might not have ended up where you are now.

And take a photo of your hair, it will never be that colour again…..and don’t Worry, you will get your nose pierced and your tattoo. Rebel that you are.
Don’t ever apologise for being yourself and yes, converse will always be in fashion.


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