Once upon a time, ….my little lady loves a story and she will often ask me to repeat a daft story several times. The latest is about an escapade for a sandwich! Talking and listening are such huge parts of the teaching and learning of a language coupled with that intercultural knowledge.
Stories have always been a big part of my teaching and quite often I find myself uttering the famous, “did I tell you about the time…..” And there was indeed the classic where pupils would see how long they would keep me chatting for to avoid learning the subjunctive.
(fair enough)
The tradition of story telling is so important to a culture and a major part of the heritage of a language and of course it has to be a key element of teaching and learning.
I think the experiences of living in different countries and in different cultures is a great way to engage with learners.
I was staying chez les parents at the weekend and we were celebrating with the wee lady. We’ve always celebrated her Santo in Spanish style and we had such a lovely day. The nephews appeared later and asked what was going on , when I explained they told me they had not got to that bit on the course.
Both studying Spanish and yet they had no stories. They couldn’t tell me about the festivals, food, music, ……no stories. No knowledge of culture. Not even a stereotype to be had.
The little lady pipes up that they wouldn’t have a Santo as they didn’t speak Spanish ( aye hen, you are 6) and I have to say I love the way she identifies with. The Spanish-speaking element of our lives.
Today was a gorgeous day and we found ourselves out near water. It was not a Tuesday but it was indeed “taps AFF” I still had the scarf on and was fully covered. The wee lady piped up that I still had my scarf on as that’s what I would do in Spain. She’s no daft, but I also didn’t want to be mistaken for a beached whale or get sunburn.
You can’t imagine how proud I am of her at her intercultural knowledge but also at her recognition of things that are very important to me.
Stories……huge part of being a teacher. In any capacity. I think……
And then Han Solo rescued me and we lived happily ever after. In Spain.
The End.


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