AiFL? assessment is for league tables.


testing 1,2
It’s been the chat for everyone for a wee while lately hasn’t it. Standardised testing – The return.
Lots of discussions in my professional learning network going on about it but I think one of the most telling conversations was with one of my oldest friends.
He asked me what I thought about it and I said my piece to which he said, well it never did us any harm did it?
No it didn’t but then we were in the red group.
Talking to peers about our experiences at school and how we just got on with it, but then we’re not really aware of the other challenges that students were facing. We knew there were some students who got he,p with reading but that was probably the extent of it.
Secondary school certainly saw us separated fairly quickly with streaming early on and the mentality of what section you were in fairly early.
Surely testing in p.1,p.3, p.7 and then in S3 eventually give us that drive to teach to the test?oh yes it will.
Testing weans in p.1 and looking at it nationally? It’s a punch square on the face to curriculum for excellence.
We’ll no doubt see head teachers really looking at staffing and I have no doubt that some will look at the teachers they know that will get learners through the test and place them accordingly. Reminds me of the system that existed when I was in China, the best teachers in number 1 school…….
League tables for primary…aye here we go. assessment is for learning? Assessment is for league tables it would appear.
What did make me laugh was a chat with a friend who was telling me about the latest line in insults from secondary pupils and the best two at the moment?
A) yer dad sells the Avon and b) yer maw teaches Zumba.
So while we are doing standardised testing,what about the weans who have just not reached that level of maturity? ( what about the kids that think it is too funny to tell you that your mum wears a denim track suit? – excuse me while k stop you laughing to do another test) Or who may need a wee bit longer to bloom?
Standardised testing feels like the poison ivy the green shoots and flowers of CfE didn’t need.
Maybe I’ll just teach Zumba.


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