Oh hello there……


And we’re back!
So have been a it busy being a mammy not reflect, write or do any manolo wearing to be honest. Some slight issues with the feet resulted in me having to tell my line manager I would be in trainers….and what’s new?
It’s been a very hectic term and I’m only now feeling like I have a wee grip on the rhythm of it. Loving it, but it’s hilarious.
I find myself surrounded by the most amazing and creative team this year which is making for a very interesting time professionally. We are laughing a lot as well as really challenging ourselves and that can only be a good thing.
It’s been the most amazing week for random acts of kindness that prompted me to get back into the habit of the blog, if only to give some certain crazy ladies a giggle.
I found a wallet in the back of a taxi last week and there was a load of ID in it, so I text the poor chap and he got straight back to me and the wallet was duly reunited with the lovely young man. On Friday he sent a card with a gift voucher to us! The postie was unable to deliver a parcel so popped note to say he had left it in the hairdresser at the bottom of the road ( total star as it was shoes!) a beautiful friend sent a wee message this morning thAt made my day and then a lady turned up tonight with a tonne of left over curry from a family party to the soup kitchen and it was a total gift.
Lots of wee parcels of loveliness…..and I’m ready to start again.
See you tomorrow. X.


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