Where have all the Cowboys gone?


Where have all the Cowboys gone?

I was asked to write about my favourite teacher recently and I have to say there are a handful of the but none so fabulous as my former infant mistress. A law unto herself who quite frankly would have run to hell and back for her weans yet could still turn round and ask “is this the face of someone who cares?” We all knew she did, as did our parents. Everyone has a story about her, she was a character. Being a character in teaching should not be odd, it should not be frowned upon. But it is. Or well it can be.
How often have we just sat there quietly as we don’t want to rock the boat or we want to get home quickly? Or how often have we said ” och you know what they are like when they get started?”
I love a wee rant, you may have realised. It was recently pointed out to me “that’s typical of you, no 50 shades of grey. It is black or white.” I don’t think so…..well ok, maybe a wee bit.
How many people do we have in our lives that are characters? The ones that light up the room when they walk in? The ones who leave you feeling so much better than when you met them? Aye, that would be the young people we work with. Or if like me, you have a mad squad of friends who keep you grounded, tolerate the fact that you are a character and know you would run to hell and back for them. Where have the Cowboys gone? They are hanging out with me. And when we get started people just say ” oh you know what SHE is like….”
Mrs D, I salute you.


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