If it’s not 100%…..

There are 4 in my coven. We have been friends since time began a dan while we don’t always get the chance to see each other as much as we like, when we do, we just pick up where left off. These women are the funniest, most articulate passionate women you could meet, but oh so very different. Different passions, different lifestyles, different interests but all with the same love of what makes them tick. One of them once told me that when we are old ( which must be now) we would look back at the crazy late teens, 20’s and 30’s and laugh about how much we had done, the adventures we had experienced and just what gusto. We had approached everything.you see, these ladies of the coven don’t do things by half. We take something on and run at it and with it at 100 miles an hour, and see if you can’t keep up, get out the way!
I feel like that about what I do. It’s not just a day job.
However…..newsflash, I like a particular type of social media, the one with the wee birdie, I don’t do the booking of the face. I had cause to have a tiny wee foray into it the other day and I was ready to poke out my own eye.
The pages of death.
Seriously, a bloody feeding frenzy where everyone and there Granny had a comment. Last year when I was doing visits to student teachers they were straight on this page of death commenting on what I had been looking for, what I had asked and what I had written.
The one this week was a group of articulate, bright teachers who then decided to let rip about how this works, that doesn’t, stress levels, work levels, boredom yadda yadda. Oh aye, and does anyone have a resource for my class tomorrow?
People. What is wrong with you?
Some warmer on giving it large about how policy doesn’t work and they will be going their own way and it doesn’t matter as no one cares. Really? If you spent as much time on your weans as you do on the page of death then you might see the benefits.
Total feeding frenzy. I know first hand what an effect a dip in morale can have but sometimes misguided passion against the hand that feeds you can come across as very nonchalant and somewhat arrogant.i had to resist the urges of a) flinging the computer out the window and screaming and b)joining the group and putting pink hearts and flowers all over it.
Reading pages of negativity is not professional reading, it is not good for your soul. It also eats away at positivity and creativity.
They can also be full of total and utter tosh that some people think is gospel.
Social media can turn passion into obsession but has also fanned the flames being bold.
I love a bit of bold. Who doesn’t? ( I was even described as a bold piece at school- imagine) but honestly,work with your passion,not your case of illinfomredcannaebebothereditis.


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