Are you mad?


A smashing wee day of bits and pieces at work. Interesting meetings and lots of discussion and debate. I met with a headteacher today who told me ” you do know that people think you are mad anyway”
Eh, no. Thanks, I think?
It took me back to many years ago when I suppose I had my first professional clash at work. I was teaching Spanish and a colleague teaching French at the same level and we had the joy of having a big number of the same pupils who were double linguists. This colleague used to enjoy trying to catch me out on aspects of the course, the weans were not daft….and liked to tell me what he was saying in class ” oh let me guess, you’ve done it in Spanish?”
He would then try to undermine me by saying “as you’ve studied interpreting…how would you say…..( insert some random guff here)…”
He clearly had his own opinions about my ability both as a teacher and a linguist. Probably thought I was mad too. He kept up with the jibes and slowly chipped away at me till I got a wee bit bold and took him on. Luckily a very fabulous senior manager spoke to me and said”look darling, one thing worse than being talked about, not being talked about it”
She also got a card for me with that quote on it.
I didn’t do a murder but it did make me far more aware of how people look at your work and are ready to make a judgement usually based on your enthusiasm and passion. I’m secretly quite chuffed people still think I am mad. However, if I lose that passion and madness then time for a new chapter no? I have a friend who will advise to put something from your mind….eh, hello? When you are wired to a box of frogs it’s a wee bit more difficult. Oh aye, and of course being mad…
Mad for caring about weans? Mad for wanting the best for the staff I work with? Mad for believing in fairness and parity of curricular provision and languages for every child?Show me the dotted line to sign.

Mammy points -9/10 this week
Methodology points – 10 as I have had to do some serious work talk about methodology. Imagine.
Manolos- current state of the bones dictates it is mostly trainers but the manolo rate for tomorrow merits a 10


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