Size matters


Size matters.

A few weeks ago I took part in the most smashing morning of CPD. Granted I was sitting beside my pal and we were probably a tad mischievous, however,the speaker was captivating and talked about going back to where we fell in love with education.
He also spoke about how we are conditioned to top trump people when it comes to numbers. Starting from a young age about how old we are, to how many exams we pass, how much money we make till eventually we are comparing if it is double or triple bypass.
Today I had the chance to catch up with colleagues I had not seen for a while and there has been a bit of a rejig of remits.straight away people were telling me how their remits had doubled and trebled since the last time they had seen me. How they would love to be able to go to a course but too busy to do so and the size of their budgets.
I have a stock answer when asked ” you busy? Work ok? I’M JUST GREAT THANK-YOU.
( had a lovely blether with a like-minded linguist and we spoke of our weans and love of languages and how hard it is to leave your department)
When did “how is work?” Replace “how are you?”
When did “I have so much on and so much to do” replace “how is your wee mammy? Did you sleep ok?”
And then the best one,”I mean look at my diary, how mental is that?”
Newsflash. It is not a competition.your work load is not a badge of honour. How lovely to keep busy.
Does a bigger remit mean you are more important? Eh, no. Funny that.


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