More of what makes you sparkle


Do your thing…..

What a truly interesting week indeed. I have been in three different social situations that have given me the opportunity to see people with whom I work I a completely different light.
I have the most lovely friend who has gone through various changes of careers. She has now gone down a road of a much more creative nature and it’s been wonderful to see how excited she is. She is doing photography and during the summer she showed me her portfolio. Some really beautiful shots that reflected the things that were important to her. I’ve mentioned on here before that I know nothing of photography but I love to see happy photos,usually with people. She didn’t have a photo of herself so I suggested we get that done. On Saturday we did just that, and honestly, I have never seen her glow. Now I don’t mean in any kind of dodgy way!
I trusted this precious friend of mine with another very good friend. Before I knew it, they were chatting away about cameras, lenses, focus and all sorts. I was the lovely assistant. Let’s be honest, I was more of distraction as I tried to make my friends giggle.What I loved was the enthusiasm between them both and although it was like listening to a language I could not understand, I could see by the body language and the enthusiasm that they were both enjoying getting to know each other.
Before I knew it , my friend was in the middle of a busy road getting her photos done.
Seeing both of these friends in a totally different light was magic and I did have that sense of being privileged in a way. Take two lovely people, a shared passion ( in this case, photography) and stand back and watch the magic happen.
It reminded me of a speech made by director of education recently when she talked about the best teacher” not the young teachers, not the trendy teachers, but the ones that make children sparkle.”
I think it must be very hard to be a portrait photographer, gaining the trust of people, making them relax, getting that smile……a bit like being a good teacher……


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