And we’re back in the game…..


And we’re back in the game. Wee break while I was a bit busy but getting into a rhythm and back into some writing…..
I must say a very interesting time at work what with talks of strikes in some places, budget cuts, work to rule, high stress levels and of course standardised testing. Aye, just getting on with it.
Various conversations over the last few weeks have made think just how much people in education (in every facet) are all over the place with engagement with CfE.
Only recently a prospective PGDE student asked me what I thought of “this new CfE ?” Another asked me what I missed about teaching now I worked in an office.
A hand was placed over mine as reached for a fork to stab myself in the eye.
Delivering training on the new nationals, I was asked for a diagram to help understanding as people were not familiar with them. I resisted the fork. I forgot I was supposed to sketch note key information widely available and part of development.
There was then the discussion on work to rule and how members of staff didn’t want to engage with cpd or development as they didn’t need it.
I suppose it made me think of ignorance, information and isolation.
Thinking back to an earlier blog post, if we forget why we are in education then we need to go back to where we fell in love.
I suppose I am lucky teaching languages. A.though the way we assess has changed,the language itself has not. I think many people are wary of huge change for the simple reason they don’t want to fail the weans. The pressure of getting it right for the weans, the department, the school is immense. This new CfE and those new exams……
Which ties in quite nicely to the lovely threads going on about teacher 5 a day and teacher health and wellbeing.
In order for us to be able to give our young people the best possible learning experience we need knowledge, know how and collaboration.
What are we teaching? How do we teach? Who do we need to help us?
We really need to start with ourselves. Making sure we keep it in perspective. Getting the balance right and learning to say no when we need to.
I had a lovely wee bit of teacher 5 a day recently -no IT. For a week! The freedom from the ping of mail and flashing lights gave me the time to unpack boxes, go through resources and actually think about work without it being rushed. I scored off my lists and felt better for it. Oh aye, I actually had the chance the sit and talk to people too. Imagine, teachers and educators talking to each other.
Time management?
I have started by switching off the work technology at 5pm on a Friday. I made the decision that I will balance the work during the week but for my own sake and for my little lady, weekends are for the most part work free in terms of emails and technology.
There are of course teach meets once a month but that is the limit.
I am working with some of the most fabulous people and learning every day from them. I have also realised that while I may be 50 shades of black and white when it comes to teaching and learning but it does no harm to consider a different approach or idea. I am learning how to work with people who are polar opposite to me and keep my fork in my pocket ( I am aware they usually have a sharp implement as standard issue)and LISTEN to them.
And the manolos….there have been some additions, a lovely pair of car to bar shoes with it black bows that I like to look at……and a new pair of sparkly trainers. Red ones.
They are going to do some serious damage in 2016.


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