Just playing.


Like all parents I think my little lady is indeed star child. My parenting style is like my teaching: influenced my 2 or 3 major people and pretty noisy! Getting together with other parents can be like a lesson observation as well! You hope that the wee people behave, you don’t need to have a word, and no hissy fits will be thrown.
My little lady had decided it was time to let it go with the frozen stuff so we arranged to catch up with another little lady for tea,cakes and nonsense.
After 20 mins of munching, we wandered through the gallery and found ourselves at the craft corner. Despite a 3 year age gap we just sat back and watched the magic happen. Parallel play then got interesting as my wee lady gently helped even when she wasn’t asked. They started chatting,sharing ideas, then making crowns for each other. (of course they did-even checking for size) An incident with a raggy nail was sorted with magic cream ( yes, of course it was)and off we went to do some art appreciation! The girls walked along hand in hand chattering, smiling, happy as sausages.

Recipe for collaboration:
Tea and cakes
Time to be quiet and observe
Spotting the gaps to work on together

Simple really.


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