Back to work… thanks!


Spent some time at the weekend with some best friends who are teachers and we took the wee people out to run about. I met a few teaching colleagues on the walk, all of whom we were desperate to ask if I had been doing any work and were desperate to tell me that they hadn’t looked at work. How they had cooked and cleaned and did everything to avoid work.How about you just don’t do it as you need your holiday! I think I may have run out of “Well done on working on your holidays badges” Another badge of honour. Not.

Tame the work!!!

I remember at University when I was trying to avoid doing a horror of an assignment, I would start cleaning. Curtains came down, skirting boards were cleaned. Happy to say that particular fad has passed.

My friend has a tough daily shift as she works in ASN and if anyone needs to make sure she is looking after herself it is her. We had a good talk about teacher well being and looking at the important parts of what we do. The core business.  We talked about a culture of expectancy and when you start doing things it can often just be expected and not recognised or acknowledged.

So we both agreed to do our book challenge – not educational books but a list of books that we are going to work through as part of our teacher health and well being.

So I have two days before I go back to work and I have been thinking about things – nice time to let things swim and formulate. I have had a few discussions about new challenges in the new year. I’m meeting with my best professional friend today and we will sit and talk about weans, teaching, ideas and nonsense. Tonight I’ll get back into the books, start organising the week and tomorrow and I’ll prepare for Wednesday. After a day with the wee lady….that may include cake.







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