Health and Wellbeing? Challenge accepted.


So I have accepted to do this reading challenge this year. As I have previously written, I have been known to leave a night out as I am tired …..( that is code for going home to finish my book)
Thanks to social media I do a lot of professional reading via blogs, Twitter etc and always have my news addiction fed at the tap of a button, however, taking part in this challenge will give me the chance to alter a few routines. Particularly the wind down at night.
So, the first one I can tick off is a book recommended by a book seller and this one was called “The Girl in the Red Coat” by Kate Hamer. I was initially drawn to it having read The Girl in the Red Coat by Roma Ligocka a long time ago ( and also quite partial to a red coat) The blurb on the back didn’t give too much away but it was enough to hook me in .
An interesting read and I can’t decide if I loved it or if it left me a wee bit cold. I enjoyed the relationship between the mother and daughter at the beginning, the writing was descriptive and I could visualise the house and what was going on easily.It then got a bit more complicated as the plot developed. It was told from two perspectives (mum and daughter) which was good and strangely compulsive if a little muddled.
The timescales were a bit out of sync and the ending left Meath a few unanswered questions and to be honest, looking for the next novel to see what happened next, not in a thriller type of way.More just being left a wee bit unsatisfied.
I have been recommended two books from a good friend and my daddy has recommended 2 books that were banned……two of them are pretty heft so it could be a wee while before I get them finished……
Have asked the wee lady for her favourite book, If I get Biff and Chip I’ll be having a word.
Over to you @booklovingmother ……


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