best fit furrit…..


Well it really has been all about the shoes hasn’t it. What a rare stooshie in the papers about Nicola Sturgeon and her wellies. Honestly…is that all we have to do? Here is a woman trying to do her job, show some solidarity and perhaps see what can be done on the ground and she gets pelters for the make of her wellies and the jacket she is wearing. Now unless you are having a night out in a big town south of the wall, you tend to wear wellies when places are flooded. That would be appropriate footwear, not a nice heel as one might wear if one were say, the First Minister in parliament. Or me wearing glittery trainers as a bridesmaid…no, that didn’t happen. (ahem)
I was genuinely astonished at the media coverage this got….why is it that women in politics are given the fashion scrutiny? You need to be appropriately dressed for the task in had. End of. Who actually cares if it is a designer make or a present from your Granny, if you bought in a charity shop or it was a hand me down. It’s easy to make assumptions. My friends give me a lot of donations of clothes which we take on the soup kitchen and it’s full of lovely stuff – do we then assume that the new wearer is a) at it and not really in need of support? b) has pinched them
No of course we wouldn’t. Well you would hope not.

Dress code always causes problems. I found myself tonight at staff training recounting the story of how I was told early in my teaching career that I should dress for the job I want. I vowed then I would never wear a suit…..If that were the case then I would be in a tutu for big girls.
Dress code is a hoot – necklines, hemlines, jewellery, make up, the lot. I have had occasions where I have had to speak to staff about dress – not pleasant but I didn’t think coming to your work dressed like you were off for a night out was entirely appropriate – although I had to applaud them for the effort at 8.30am in the morning. I  had a word my with student teachers about the same – it’s not appropriate to turn up to your work looking like a burst couch. I think if I see another bum jumper I may to produce the fork to stick in my eye.Neither to do I think I should be dropping off the wee lady in jammies at the gate……but enough of that. It’s not like I have been in my pjs since I got home.

Puddles? Wellies.
Freezing? Boots
Night out? Car to bar shoes.
Anything else? Glittery trainers.

I was planning on writing about CfE tonight but I think there is enough nonsense going on so it’s back to my favourite. Shoes.
And well done Nicola hen on getting your wellies on. As a fellow hobbit from the shire – wan salutes wan.


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