Just when you think you’ve cracked it…..


Any my heart sank.

I think any working parent often struggles with guilt of not being able to drop off or pick up the wee folk from school. I remember well going to Christmas concert when the weekday was at nursery and she took real stage fright. She got very upset and came and sat beside me,only for one of the staff to tell me that I had upset her by being there as I usually didn’t drop her off. That was hard to hear but since then she’s always struggled being on a stage -much prefers being in a group but it took me a long time to realise it wasn’t my fault. Being part of her routine at school has been important and I have been determined that I would be.
Incidentally, I refrained from slapping the woman at nursery.

I have been able to drop the wee lady of one or two mornings with breakfast club being a saving grace as well. Last week I managed to jig meetings around to be able to get her 315. I hauled myself up the hill to the school in the rain only to be met by a group of parents who gave me the up and down and once again reduced me to thinking I had my skirt stuck in my knickers.
I had the big coat on that made me look Anna Karenina on a bad day, the flats and the work bag. Smart for work but nowhere near smart enough to join this gaggle of mamas who gathered in their designer waterproofs and wellies. They were talking of how they had been running in the rain, out in the park et al. ( probably grow all their own veggies and have batch cooked for a month) I stood there feeling desperately out of place having been at work.
I suppose somewhere along the line I probably wanted to stay at home until the wee lady was 35……However,I know find myself feeling excluded from that very mum group for turning up in my work clothes. There is a wee groups of the mums who are balancing pick ups round late lunch hours ( yes, lunch at 2.30-3.30) with after school clubs and various other balancing acts……I always fancied being a high wire artist….this is great training.
There has been a lot of discussion recently about mums turning up to school in pyjamas….my wee lady used to really freak out when i dropped her off with work clothes as I didn’t look like the other mums. We had a chat about how is was ok for mums to work and that I couldn’t go to work in my jeans and wellies. We both got over that and now it’s not an issue.
However, I felt like the pyjama mum despite the fact I was in work clothes. Tempted to take clothes to change into before the school gate. Don’t know how the cat woman outfit would go down?
Just when you think you have cracked the dress code.


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