The end of the road…..

Well actually in the middle, there stood a stag looking like he was up for a square go.
I had the joy of heading up to the very north of Scotland to visit a student teacher and I don’t think I have ever had a more beautiful journey to work. It was a gorgeous clear day and we had about an 80 minute drive. I had the easy bit of just sitting back and taking it all on. Every time we turned another breathtaking sight was waiting, mountains, lochs, snow,
We were driving along and this massive big stag just walked on to the road with not a care in the world. He was the same colour as a lot of the heather on either side of us so we had not really seen him move. He just stared at us, and while it was absolutely majestic, I couldn’t help but feel slightly concerned as to what he was going to do.
He trotted on and we had a wee giggle and drove on. It was harder for my student. As she couldn’t enjoy the journey for concentrating whereas I just back and let the world pass me by as we drove and chatted.
Arriving at the school I was struck by how different it looked to the schools I have worked in or been part of.
I didn’t feel the crackle of energy or excitement but there was a quiet calm as the young people arrived. What I didn’t really take into account is that some of them had been travelling for about an hour to get to school – some of them for over 40 miles one way!
The teaching staff were a lovely bunch and they didn’t seem to have that stressed out look at the start of the day! School role of just over 200, community facilities in school, big emphasis on outdoor learning.
Then the same challenges as any other school: subject uptake, curriculum structures, new quality assurance procedures, lack of resources and workload.
I suppose I could make a list of the advantages of teaching in that kind of environment and a similar list of why it wouldn’t suit me.
However, it was indeed a lovely day and I found myself laughing once again at what a small world we live in. I discovered a teacher in this school was the teacher I had replaced in my probation. The Headteacher was from near my hometown and we knew some of the same people. Hundreds of miles away!
I enjoyed listening to the chat from the staff and their ideas about teaching and their ideas about what they thought it was like in the central belt.
One thing that is clear, weans are weans regardless of where we teach them. Dynamics vary within a city never mind a region.
I loved the day with my student, she is a real star and I have had s lovely journey with her as she has gone through her ITE. I really enjoyed the travelling as well believe it or not. The time to think and best of all read!
It’s the perfect excuse to think without being interrupted and actually have time to process.
Strolling, having a look a look at the oncoming traffic for a bit then moving on. I think that stag has the right idea.


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