A day of rest?


Mother’s Day……yep it has turned into another competition. Valentine’s Day used to make me laugh as my daddy always used to say he didn’t need to. Jut a card or present for mum as she knew that he loved her. Cue a wee west coast mammy in the corner saying “aye, but a card would be nice …..”
Mother’s Day seems to have grown arms and legs to this media circus and everything that it is pink and flowery doubling in price!
Cards full of hope you have a day off and are getting spoiled etc. Eh? Are yoU having a giraffe?
I had my usual type of sunday, catching up on domestic chaos with the wee lady. The most important bit being the wee lady. And I loved every minute of it.
In the morning we got up and snuggled in the couch as is our habit and watched some nonsense before breakfast where we basically got the nose bags on for half an hour and sat quite happily. Bath time always brings a giggle with demand a for more stories and takes of misbehaviour with the aunties. After a walk we were back making a fairy garden and then potting plants and watering old ones.
Oh yes, second load of washing was on.
We then pottered about tidying and debris of the week. I know I am messy but she takes this to a new extreme ….we like mess she proclaimed to grandma! I watched her as she lay in my bed watching videos of carpool karaoke with James Corden and marvelled at the lovely day it was. Not about the biggest bouquet of flowers, or expensive gift, but time.
Grandma appeared with some fetching looking pink streaks. Yes, the wee lady had put red hair mousse in her hair at the beginning of the week and it was still there…matched her lovely jumper! Lunch in our favourite eaterie and the three of us giggled and chatted and again, enjoyed the time. It meant the world.
More washing, cooking, ironing and nonsense. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. So to all those magazines and articles about a day of relaxing and being pampered, get a grip. Most of us mammys are happy with a hot cup of tea and a hug.
I sat down about 10.30pm with 2 chapters in my latest book as I could hear the wee lady gently snoring. ( the bathroom was clean, the ironing was done and the plants were lifted in out of the cold. A pretty good day to be honest)

Mammy points restored.


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