We celebrated international day of the ladies this week, only a few days after mammys day.
It made me think of the fabulous women who are in my life who have a major influence on me, but it also took me back to a conversation over the holidays at new year.
You see, I have the most talented baby cousin and she has a very exciting new chapter in her life. She braved the craziness that is our family and brought her new beau to meey us.He was of course eyed very suspiciously and quizzed by all the women, even my wee lady.
We talked about determination, hard work, energy, drive and an attitude of getting things done.
Where had we learned that? Our mamas.
We spoke about identity, hardship, school, social circumstances and how we had never let it stand in the way of our hopes and dreams.
That was our mammys too.

You see we both have mammies who despite other people saying they couldn’t-did.

We were brought up by women who encouraged, nurtured, inspired and added their own brand of crazy to the mix. Down to earth ladies who told us that if we wanted it, we could have it but we needed to work.

I look at my daughter and how she looks up to my immensely fabulous baby cousin, and so it begins, again.  She couldn’t ask for anyone better to look up to.

Just for you LC, with love always.


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