Will ye no come back again?


It’s been a great week for the future of education. I have had the privilege of watching some student teachers and visiting their classes. Here’s the thing, I have never stopped enjoying teaching. So often, I meet people involved in education who couldn’t wait to leave the class or who have never been in a class and yet are the people making big decisions about the teaching and learning for our young people. I often wonder about the stress levels and actual soul singing moments in the day for these people. More of an educational existence than presence. Some people are very comfortable in the bureaucracy of education and the why of education rather than the how.
I love the how. And I haven’t forgotten the how. And, I’m still learning the how.

I was back in my old department which is always hard as I feel happy and sad. It’s a year since I left full-time teaching and I miss it everyday. I had a coffee with the headteacher and he said ” just come back”
Watching another student, I couldn’t contain myself and sat with a group of learners and asked them about what they were doing, one of them asked: ” Are you Spanish?, Are you a teacher? ” Then proceeded to tell me I was really full of life ( so I am sponsored by lavazza and green and blacks) and would I come back?
The student teacher in question asked me if I missed teaching?
I had never really considered that I had stopped.
Stopped teaching in High School full-time yes, but still teaching in Higher Education and training teachers, so I suppose teaching at a different level but no less satisfying.
Another visit saw me in a class of children doing group activities and one without a partner so I joined in. Reflecting back on it, they must have thought I was wired to the moon. They were playing a game and giggling as someone was cheating so I was in the midst of it all and telling them to channel their inner frenchie, teaching the Gallic shrug and of course that useful French phrase for you are cheating.
We may have had a bit of a giggle, but I don’t imagine they will forget it.
There are many things I have given up that I wouldn’t ( couldn’t ) go back to.
Being thin, certainly not dysentery thin. No intentions of going back.
Meat eating, nearly 25 years as a vegetarian, certainly no intention of going back at the moment.
Ballet classes, I still have the tutu and ballet shoes, alas the bones won’t allow.

Teaching, I don’t believe I ever left.


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