Back seat philosophy….


When my friends started driving we found ourselves heading out for a drive and putting the world to right. I have often thought that we would make a hilarious show at the edinburgh festival. A birds eye view of the world with aome football commentary thrown in. Although I dont think my father has recovered from my outing at a junior football game where I was shocked to see black pants under white shorts. The shame of it.
That type of chatter keeps us going…

It is nothing compared to the public transport philosophers. While waiting at the bus stop I was right beside two chaos having a very animated conversation about education, teaching and the world. One of them announces he has a new grandaughter. The other congratulates him to which he replies “mare money that’s all that is” That was met with “more cuddles no?”
The conversation went on to teaching. The youngest chap is a probationner and going for interviews. He reckons teaching is like working in a nightclub. ☺
“Doing the doors is like teaching. Deal with the characters at the door and keep everyone safe and calm”
The new grandpa agrees. He’s worked in the pub trade for years and reckons teaching weans is the same as working with drunk customers.  “Get them in, get them served and get them out”
The teacher went on about staffing and how your ability in class didnt matter as you just needed your face to fit. As long as the weans like you.
I’m doing a day of coaching and teaching. I brought nuts to offer with the gin and tonics and I’m ready to huckle someone out the door if they get rowdy.Get them served  and get them out.
Of course. It’s just like that…..


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