How about naw?

This is not an answer that any of my teacher colleagues would be saying to bucket of gin and dark room with whale music at the end of term. Having worked right on the site where they filmed world war z, I can vouch that many of my lovely teacher friends would have passed an audition sans makeup for the zombies. Not actually kidding.
The phrase burst couch is used very often and is an accurate description.
Now come on pals. It’s the same story every year, we know this term is going to be hellish yet we still see this as a badge of glory.
How about this, no it isn’t.
You are no use to man nor beast if you are like a skeleton with a skin graft and have the energy that I have at the thought of doing any kind of running. Zilch.

Stress is cutting about like cock of the walk and too many of the fantastic teachers that make a huge difference to our young people and their fellow colleagues are simply saying game’s a bogey. For now.
I have enjoyed this week off, mainly because I have had the chance to catch up with my friends and granted we talk about work but it’s much more relaxed. One talked of how he was getting ready for inspection and the processes they were going through. One talked of how his son had got him a mug that said more play less work due to the amount of marking he was doing at home. At least 5 had already been back into work on the first day of the holidays as ” it will just make life easier” not to mention the people who are looking at emails and apologising for not getting back to people as they are on holiday….( guilty)
I have the most wonderful cousin who is a mental health nurse and I was asking her about different things I could do support in a situation where people are getting stressed. My answer to everything is tea and chocolate. I know the paperwork side, I can do the tea side, I can do the filling in but, but what I was really unsure about was how best, personally, I could help people back on the path.
It would appear that tea ( for that read Gin) is not always the answer.
I gave her a few examples and she was spot on with them all. Sometimes you need taken out of the situation, sometimes you need reduced work load, sometimes you need to learn and sometimes you need to talk.
We create extra workload for ourselves as we want it to be perfect, to have it all singing and dancing, to have the lesson so sharp that the Gillette man would want a wee go.
How about really looking at the impact on the weans, and if it is not having any impact on their teaching and learning…. Then don’t bother.
Paperwork is a requirement, teaching the weans is a requirement, reporting to parents is a requirement.
Working yourself past the point of professional judgement (when you don’t recognise you are shattered) is not a requirement.
No use to the weans if you are done in. And another thing……take the time you need to. None of this 2 days off and back to be off again for longer…….
Be kind to yourself. And be kind to your knees.


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