You look colourful……


You are looking colourful…..

Hello from the other side. Out on the western isles on holiday and I am so chilled out, I have experienced lots of firsts: First time I have managed to leave a rucksack in a bar, first time I have forgotten a PIN, the first time my mum has used Skype and the first time I have survived without mobile signal.
Of course it might just be that I have switched off entirely and my head maybe somewhere else.
It’s been a magic break with 006 who is in Education as well. The little lady has had a ball and it has been great to see her out in the garden with the animals first thing, hair wild and wellies on. We have been on remote beaches putting the world to right, collected wee stones, listened to birds,looked at landscapes and visited lots of very lovely wee places that have taken a wee bit of my heart.
I can see the attraction of escaping here,it’s been an enforced change of rhythm that the little lady and I both needed. Being away from your own sink means you don’t feel guilty about leaving the dishes and sitting in your pjs until at least 1pm and of course chocolate for breakfast.
We bumped into some friends from work and when I commented that one of them was looking well( meaning relaxed,not in work) I was told that I was looking colourful! Eh? Wearing the very same clothes I would wear at home but then when you only see people at work they clearly thought I was doing my best impression of rainbow brie. That has provided me with a giggle throughout the holiday. With my colourful wellies and flowers in the hair.
Not having mobile signal has been great. We have wifi in the house we are staying in so sending plenty of photos of our wee beaches has been good. Despite having brought the work laptop,I have not logged on and have decided I am going to have an actual holiday, where I can survive ( and the rest of the world) for a few days without it. ( drinks more tea) What has been nice, is the space to think about work and what I want to do and need to do in the next wee while. The peace to do it without the ping of mail, the ringing of phones and being able to turn up the music has been great. Nothing like a deserted beach and a walk in the water to make a list of priorities.
So in keeping with the #teacher5aday here they are.
#more time with the wee lady
#keep going with the reading challenge
#put the flowers back on the hair
#more bare feet
#more colour at work(no,not language 😌)


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