It is indeed interesting times for education. For the past wee while we have witnessed our politicians visiting schools as if they were earning for every time they did. Outdoor play at nursery, in front of new schools,engaging with further and higher students…..with any teachers? Naw.
However, every one of the political parties are banging on about how they are going to fix education. From volunteers delivering after school projects, money being given to “poorer” schools etc etc.
I’m a wee bit offended,
In fact, I’ll be honest. I’m actually ragin and if green suited me better I would do a full scale burst out my shirt hulk style.
I had the privilege of talking to an amazing group of teachers on Saturday and we spoke about this. Here was a group of committed teachers who had given up their Saturday mornings to share ideas and engage in cpd. You know the people who deliver the very education that apparently needs fixed? The people who apparently EVERY party thinks needs to help do their job.
Well, let me tell you, spending a Saturday morning with people who care as much about educating young people as I do is the perfect example of how good our education system is, and just how bloody hard we are working to provide the best possible learning experience and outcomes for the young people we are privileged to work with every day.
Yes, we acknowledge that sometimes we are at the mercy of ridiculous timetables,no money, lack of clarity of vision,lack of support for initiatives or with challenging situations.However,here was a group of people who if you could have bottled the energy, you would have had plenty of purple lights for this week ( RIP Prince)
The sense of camaraderie in the room was immense. I was feeling tired and to be honest a wee bit apprehensive as I didn’t know a lot of the teachers coming and by the end of it, I had a new branch of family.
We mentioned about politics and how they are trying to fix us when we actually think we really are trying our best for our young people. The attainment gap, closing the gap, raising the bar,the attainment challenge…..yes of course.clearly we have been actively making sure that our children don’t progress haven’t we?

I was delivering a session on senior phase inclusion and pathways and we were discussing round the rooms out the pressure on us to link with business and look for external links. I may have gone slightly off piste …. I was relaying my quote ( it may have been something along the lines of not having time to go whoorin and tourin looking for partnerships while we were trying to deal with the core business of education……or something like that)to a friend who works in Higher Education and he quite rightly pointed out that it was exactly where it was at. I was ready to throw my glittery trainer at the phone.yes, of course he was at the wind up, agreed with me but pointed out that it was a national priority.
Yes, and so is getting through your working day without daen a murder.
We only want one thing to make it all better.
No, it’s not cake or gin.
I have new shoes. fit flops. That will save me time going to the gym, this rendering me re energised to ” fix it”


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