I was secretly delighted this week to see some of my favourite edu bloggers giving a wee bit away about themselves this weekend. There are so many people I enjoy reading but it does make me feel somewhat rubbish as you see the amazing things they are able to do, to inspire and convey. Then they let you in a wee bit more and you realise they may be your hero but they have days off too.
They might spend the day in their pjs, they might also have a small refreshment with their friends, or even walk the dog. To which I am doing my best chorus of ” like normal people”
I have a friend whom I don’t get to see nearly as much as I would like and they talk about a dr.seuss day – I have written about this before. I remember we planned what we would do if we had such a day….
I think we have the dr.seuss days everyday but maybe don’t always realise it.
Saturday chez les parents is a just a big mess of teenage boys ( the nephews) the grad parents and The little lady and I. ( oh yes, big bro and his good lady)
The chat has developed into something that we all look forward to as we talk about school, uni, their inability to have a social life due to computers and how much we hate their dog.
The chat with them is real genuine conversation filter removed.
One of the topics was the recent maths exam with me ( once again) saying how I have never used anything other than adding up and percentages ( for the sales of course) since leaving school. The little lady asked if they were speaking another language when they started on quadratic equations. ( pass the fork till I poke out my eye) we then debated the new headline about letting children start school later. 4 teenage boys agreed this would be good as you could have a long lie and play your computer. When I explained it actually meant going to school at 7 years old they were not so convinced. Second oldest nephew is growing his hair and said is curls were better than mine, to which ensued a shampoo shaming. My unruly curls clearly winning on this one. The wee lady suggested they stay to watch a movie with us to which they politely declined. Her quip ” so are you going home to play your computers on your own and just talk to your computer friends?
Out of the mouth of babes.
However, we laughed, chatted and then waved off the teenage turtles in flurry of high fives, hugs and super auntie kisses. Reminding them that I was the favourite auntie……
Teenagers are bonkers. I was of course born sensible. Just having that room for discussion and to hear the honesty about their hopes and dreams and sometimes misguided ideas reminds me how important it is to take the time to listen but to be honest in how to listen. To question, to challenge gently, to look at a different idea…..
And of course to lick a chip and offer it.
Yes, if carlsberg made a dr.seuss family day, that was it.
Enough about me, let’s get back to the educational stuff…..


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