The first rule of #tuesdayclub? Tell everyone about #tuesdayclub.
The journey started over a year ago as you bright-eyed sparkly linguists came for interview. Some in the office, some on Skype. All with your ideas about the best way to make a dent in the world of education.
I remember the interviews for lots of reasons. Some had me howling with laughter ( in a good way) some made me think ( that’s good too) and some made me cry. ( with pride)
With my new-found partner in crime we were ready to help every one of you be as fabulous as our young people need you to be.
You didn’t let us down.
The journey of classes and school placements was bumpy. A few of you had a wobble, a few learned a brand new skill set and some of you had to deconstruct all the ideas you ever had about teaching. (And that’s ok)
Let’s be honest, I had the best time.
In a room with people who get your geekery about grammar,( well who indulge it) who recognise that a love of Borges and Simone de Beauvoir doesn’t make you up your own derrière, who have a never ending supply of wonder and who ultimately realise the gift of every child they are blessed to teach.
Aye, #tuesdayclub. That’s you.

Sometimes we had to play bad cop, yes, it is do as I say and not as I do ( paperwork is really important and you DO need to do it……..)yes, you do need to rein in the crazy ( just for the first wee while) and yes, watch your bevvy intake on that first staff night out. ( did i mention that?)

So,what I wish I had known when I started all that time ago?

1.Development of a unit of work or a course doesn’t mean stapling booklets.
2.Opt in to development tasks before they are assigned ( see above)
3.Always check you have pulled your skirt out your knickers.
4. Always check your knickers can’t be seen above your trousers ( you will avoid -haw, miss, you wearing a g-string? To which the answer is why are you looking at my derrière?)
5. Colleagues may become friends.Your PT is your PT -and they might not explain things to you until you leave.You may want to batter them ( they’ll maybe want to string you up because of your fabulousness) but reign it in. You’ll look back and realise you wouldn’t change the wisdom.
6. Dont beat yourself up that your perfectly planned lesson goes pete tong. The weather does that.
7.Be bold in your quest to be the best you can be.
8.99% of you is better than none of YOU.
9.Be open to advice and hear other ideas. Be gracious when you know it is tosh.
10.More of number 7.

#tuesdayclub 2016. Don’t forget everyday in education is a “yaaaasss” day. If it’s not, well YOU know what I would do.

Proud to have played a part in it.

Tuesday Club Auntie G.


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