I just want to learn…..


It’s been a summer that was full of good intentions but ended up full of adventures. The little lady and I had a ball visiting and seeing people and learning. We painted, cooked,watched movies, splashed in puddles and talked. A lot.
We spent an amazing holiday travelling in Spain and Italy and the Italian part was mainly driven by her experience with her teacher in school. Her teacher had been dong some Italian with her and she was really quite taken with it. So what better way to put that excitement into action than going to the place itself. We had a holiday that was driven by the little lady. We visited places that got her talking, we spent a day at the beach,we did 4 hour train journeys through fields of sunflowers and beside the coast. We ate a tonne of ice cream, we people watched and we blethered. Mostly in English, a bit in Spanish and some Italian too and I was the proudest mama in the land as I listened to her talk with other wee people.when she didn’t know what to say in Spanish she either ran over and asked me or said it with a Spanish accent and waved her hands a lot. Yes, my daughter indeed. It would appear that I do have a lot of random nonsense stored away and was able to give the wee lady lots of info about where we were and the background to some of the places.She informed me I was full of interesting facts.had that come from a colleague it would have been code for you are a boring tube I suspect.

Getting back in to the pattern of work always fills me with excitement and dread. I spent the first two days back delivering INSET and I couldn’t work out what was worse…..being first up on day 1 or being last on day 2. You know that everyone is desperate to get into their classrooms and you need to find the motivation to keep it relevant and interesting so that they don’t want to beat you up. I had looked long and hard at my ability to keep up with the schedule I had set last year and decided it just wasn’t possible. You see, I want to learn too. I want to enjoy learning something that will just be for me. ( keeping my hand out the biscuit tin maybe)

As a musician ,I often talk about the last time I leaned a new piece. I don’t take the time to learn new pieces as often as I should. When I was first learning,it was constantly new pieces of music and I had the discipline to sit down and learn whereas now there is always something else that needs to be done. That’s often the case with learning as we get further into careers. I was reminded of this when I met a former student this week.

Long story short, I had the privilege of teaching this young man who had arrived to us from a war zone and after significant trauma. How he engaged with education,his thirst to learn and to improve was staggering. Inspiring if I am honest. Things have changed for him and he is potentially looking at having to leave Scotland. He is distraught about the prospect and told me “I just want to learn”

After my hiatus with the blog and neglect of my learning, it is a new start.
New year,new start.

So,clean sweep on the points…..mammys,manolos( yes….new ones for school)and methodology.


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