Reasons, Seasons and an Academic Session


The start of a new term is always exciting. For the weans and for staff too. There can often be that excitement of meeting new staff and seeing what they bring to the school dynamic. Over the past few days of INSET and first official day back at the ranch I found myself on the phone to friends I have met through teaching but funnily enough, I will rarely see them during the holidays.
It’s not because I don’t want to, but I think as we all go off and lie in a dark cupboard, listen to whale music and do a bit of IV appreciation of Mr.Hendricks we attempt to switch off a wee bit.
However, I would run through walls for these people at work.Why? Because they would do the same for me and professionally we bring out the best in each other.
There really is nothing like looking at the way they interact with children. And thinking ” I want to do that”
These teacher friends are the keepers. The ones you find yourself naturally gravitating towards to get the most magical things done for the weans. It’s that first flush of energy and realisation that these people are friends and for a reason. The ones that you actively make that effort to see surfing the academic session outside of school, usually to talk about work, to bounce ideas off, to get their opinion and to laugh ( and often cry) with.
The ones who make you up your game, who make you laugh and similarly have your back when you need it. And yes, it can be messy, it can be an absolute riot when personalities collide but then you would always want to look back and say -we had a go! Developing positive relationships with colleagues can only have a positive impact for the way we work with our young people.
I still wake up most days thinking ” yes…….still love it”

Working with people for a season can be challenging. Sometimes it is because we know they are not staying, we don’t give them a chance. No running through walls for them. Sometimes they don’t give us a chance as they know they are not staying. However, we can’t help but be affected by another addition to the staff whether it is positive or “interesting”Sometimes, they are happy to ride on your success and pick your brains then ride off into the sunset. Perhaps the natural reaction is for a timberland suppository but really everyone just wants to feel valued, appreciated and looked after.

A conversation with someone I would run through a wall for ended up with us talking about two NQTs. He told me he had been speaking to them and was telling them how much he was looking forward to working with them and that he had heard lots of great things about them. He reminded me that it was important to let the pastoral side of leadership come through too. I think you can see the reason teachers you click with and the season teachers.

I’m part of the most fabulous educational family where I have met the most wonderful friends who inspire me to do better every day. And I am indeed very glad. The heart is indeed an organ of fire.

Mammy points -8 not crying at the gate and cake making
Manolos -6 spent day in sandals but the red sparklies were out later…..
methodology – lots of professional dialogue round it therefore it is a start!


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