Are we related to Dumbledore?


So here we are, day 5 of the situation. Yes, the back to work situation.
I have found myself training different groups of teachers in this gorgeous weather saying ” are you surviving?”
It was only after I had said it I started to laugh…it’s not like we are on a war, we’ve just come back to work but already we are saying, oh yes, feels like I have never been away.
I took part in some CPD yesterday and it was good to be taking part rather than delivering. The presenter was very experienced and talked a lot of sense. He prompted us to reflect on what was important in our work with children. What was the key to what we did and what were our breakable plates. With all the spinning we do, what could we let go? Valid point.
He also reflected on the differences he had seen in his career ….the differences that children had commented on; they just wanted to be cared for. They just wanted someone who cared for them.
Is that not at the heart of what we do? It’s not like we set out deciding that we are not going to aim high for children is it? It’s not like we set out NOT to help weans learn.
Similarly it’s also the same for teachers. We need to aim high for each other and help each other learn.
The wee lady has settled straight back into school and I have been dumped at the gate. She is brimming with excitement at the new adventure of a new class and was telling me all about a man who sings about not worrying about a thing. Yes, Bob Marley – they have been playing it at the end of the day. How fabulous is that? ( yes, even when you don’t answer that email straight away and the world still turns – every little thing is going to be alright) We enjoyed some time tonight sitting on the front step in the sunshine reading Harry Potter. ( no doubt the neighbours think we are total schemies bringing down the tone) The wee lady took one look at me and said ” Mum, do you think we are related to Dumbledore? I mean we have blue sparkly eyes and go on adventures ”
What an amazing imagination, long may it continue.
I wonder if my educational family will keep the sparkly eyes and have adventures this year too?

Mammy points 8/10 quality time on the step
Manolos – flats but kept them on all day so 7
Methodology – a great day of getting things done and delivering training. 9


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