I’m worried about being left out …..


The wee lady had some homework to do and it was a home/school transition task. She had to do some work round the following 4 headings: my hobbies,my strengths, things that worry me or make me anxious and my hopes for this year.
We had a chat about it and her answers were magic but I guess the one that made me think the most was her answer to things that she was worried about ” being left out”
Immediately I went into mama bear mode. Who, when, what why.
It really wasn’t anything but she said that sometimes when there is a big group she feels small and feels too quiet. My heart broke. We talked about what she could do to make sure she didn’t feel like that and how she could get involved if she felt left out. I also told her that sometimes that happens, and it’s OK to be sad about it – but we can always make it better.
It got me thinking to the times when I have seen children left out in class and how it is so important to get that seating right or group right, dynamics very rarely just happen.
How some children could be left out and excluded for the most ridiculous of reasons and sometimes as educators we just don’t see that.

I often argue about my subject being excluded and how we are over looked, under valued, unappreciated and never on the same footing as others. People will often say it is our who fault yet, I don’t see us saying that to a child who doesn’t get picked for the team in PE. It’s too hard, it’s pointless, when will I ever used it?? I used those. Excuses when I was trying to get out of PE! Sometimes it easier to exclude something or someone to make our life easier. And……it’s easy to feel excluded when it is all going well. If you are doing fine, then you continue to do so. No one bothers with you and it’s all tickety boo. That can make you feel left out too.

A friend of mine once told me that he could spot me really easily in a crowd as I was the one in bright colours laughing my head off. That may be true, but it is usually because I am included. I’m with like-minded fairies and we all feel much more ourselves when we are together.

I feel most included when? When I am with the wee lady. I’m secure enough in my relationship with her that we’ll dance like enjoys, sing like divas and eat enough chocolate to make us sick. I’ve learned that by sharing, I’m able to include, and BE included.
If all else fails, wear lots of colour. At least they can’t say the year didn’t see you.

And as the late Patrick Swayze used to say ” nobody puts Baby in a corner” So, no one goes in the corner. ( unless you are sending me there with a decent bottle of gin and a packet of peanuts, I’ll sit there all day)

Mammy points 8/9
Manolos -9 glittery trainers picked up lots of comments at weekend
Methodology – 0. Weekend,


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