Bleach Oot…….


You can always tell when the experts or the important people are coming. The toilets stink of bleach and the good cakes come out.
Recently I was part of a group invited to hear some “experts” talk about education and languages in particular.
Now, I always try to have an open mind. I mean it, I do try.
The experts arrived with haunners….an entourage that would put Beyoncé to shame. They were the ones that had done the research, written the speeches and looked like they were holding their breath as their boss delivered the speech.
I may have been a tad underwhelmed but I enjoyed the cakes. Figured I had earned it by sitting on my hands and not saying a word.
We were recently gifted some advice in the world of education. To be honest, it was a bit like hoping for a bike at Christmas and being given a unicycle.
Nice, shiny but not much use to the masses. I wonder if the experts that wrote it had the good cakes and bleach treatment. Or was it the crowd of hingers on that had dreamt it up?
To be fair, When I looked at some of it, it only confirmed what some of us realists had said a few years ago and had already been working with. However, I have to hope that they did get some experts in. Teachers. Aye, the people that actually do the job. The ones that should get the bleach and good cake treatment.
scottish education is at a point of change, so it would appear the bleach and good cakes were brought out for a team of international experts.
I find it hard to believe that international experts can accurately give a true picture of the next steps we need to take to make our education system better.
Perhaps I need to give them the benefit of the doubt? Our home-grown experts need to cast aside the hingers on and engage with and talk with the people who actually make the educational world turn. The brave ones, the inspiring ones, the leaders who know what is best for the wee people in front of them.
They don’t need cakes and bleach treatment. And now we know we don’t need to do any paperwork that doesn’t directly impact on the learner journey, perhaps they’ll have more time to deliver for children.

Mammy points -8 ( I reckon)
Manolos ( not great this week…all flats)
Methodology – 7/8 taking me a wee bit longer to get my groove…..


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