You mean you like it?


Having looked long and hard at the progression of CPD for our primary teachers this session, we decided to see if we had enough interest to run a higher class. To my absolute delight I have a good number of primary teachers who have decided to study for this. Not only does it give me the chance to deliver the new qualifications but also get back into the class albeit in a different context.
Some of my peers are absolutely horrified that I am teaching this but I can’t tell you the buzz I have from doing it. You see, I like teaching.
A number of years ago I was speaking at a youth event and got chatting to a recently elevated member of the clergy who told me that given my then post as a development officer I had clearly moved far from the job I had trained for.
He was on the end of the arched eyebrow and the reply, ” well I could say the same about you, no?”
My teaching has evolved from young learners to learner teachers and continuing teachers and I have never felt that I stopped being a teacher. Many people who I meet will often say “I used to be a teacher” to which I often feel I should be offering my condolences.
However, it is true that for so long people just coasted through teaching and were never really challenged, didn’t really like kids and quite happily took the pay check.
I had the pleasure of speaking to undergraduates who are considering teaching as a career and we had a closed-door session with no other academic staff there. I told them about my teaching journey, the highs, the lows and more importantly the joy. Yes, there were flash points when work was bonkers, but this was more than repaid by the young people and adults you are privileged to work with.
Yes, I may have changed from being in a class of young learners every day but it’s not changed the fact that I am a teacher.
And guess what, I like it.


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