The jury is oot.


I’m half tempted to write this and then run away.
What is going on about workload and exams?
I was a product of Standard Grade but by the time I was doing my teacher training it was Higher Still and Intermediates to learn about. I remember all to well-being mightily confused about it all but we had a good lead in time, lots and lots of in service and a mountain of support, exemplars and chances to learn together.
There was LOTS of development work done centrally, a chance to work nationally and a sense of confidence in our own ability to provide the best outcomes for our learners. Finally a system where children could progress horizontally in languages as well as vertically and academically. New, up to date contexts provided us with an exciting challenge and for me, relevant language I enjoyed teaching.
Unit assessments were built in to the course and I don’t recall it ever making a huge dent in my life, or being excessively worried about it. To be honest,the in service and training played a huge part in that.
We knew the new qualifications were going to bring changes and I think we were quite rightly apprehensive. However, I was lucky to work with an amazing network of teachers who pulled together, developed and shared.
We have had our own in service as there seems to have been a gaping great hole in opportunities.
Technology has provided a useful vehicle for sharing ( albeit for sharing a pile of mince too) and the chance to connect, but no amount of webinars will replace the chance to sit round a table and ask questions, discuss and drink tea.
So, a quick fix to workload albeit in a few years, cut out internal assessment. Result? Not so sure.
I don’t know now if I am looking at another monumental knee jerk that ultimately will disadvantage the weans. I don’t know enough about it ( does anyone) to make an informed decision and comment but my knee jerk reaction is that cutting out assessment will indeed reduce paperwork but what is the alternative for our learners? If they don’t have unit assessments is all lost if there is a meltdown on exam day?
I don’t see a leading light who is guiding us and explaining rationale and procedure.
With Higher still for Modern Languages we had that. The Rolls Royce indeed and now it’s not even a corpy bus version.
I kind of get the feeling that a big boy made an announcement and ran away.
I am sure he is away getting his pals to fix it. The jury is indeed oot.


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