There is always time to learn….


It may not come as a surprise to hear that I am quite taken with languages. Despite having English as my mother tongue, I still find it fascinating the way people use words and phrases. Geographically in the same city can have a massive effect on language use and nowhere more so than the dear green place.
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of the company of a charming young man for an awards ceremony.
Laugh? Actually thought I might have needed a hand out the venue as my sides were sore laughing. I may have colourful language on occasion ( very rarely of course) but this was quite frankly an aural baptism of east end fire.No degree in semantics and linguistics would help with this at all. It really had and has to be experienced.
That’s what a language is all about. It can be difficult to try to understand what people are saying if you can’t see them – hence why I get annoyed at capitals in a text or email, or the tone doesn’t appear right or there’s no communication at all- quite often we need the non verbal cues to get the meaning of things. Trust me when I say I did but it was indeed a voyage of discovery.
It never fails to astound me that language that I would consider highly inappropriate or maybe even offensive can have other people rolling in the aisles.
There was much rolling in the aisles at said event even if it was at me rather than with me. Much uttering of ” you must know what that means” and much faux rolling of the eyes. Comical actually.
I was recounting this story to some colleagues and asked them if anyone had ever asked the how their derrière was for love bites ( I kid you not) One of the girls nearly fell over but one of the lads said oh aye, that’s someone asking how your love life is. Really?? I don’t recall learning this in the art of making pals and influencing people but apparently it isn’t made up. Apologies H. Wan’s derrière is quite well thank you. There were others but for the sake of protecting my supposed intellect (Wouldn’t want to confess just what an eejit I was) I’ll refrain from expanding.
However in the name of research and a commitment to life long learning, I have decided to undertake an intensive course in east end patter to enhance my literacy skills. My mentor had promised a word a day……think he’s on strike. I’m still thinking about how I get how is your derrière for love bites into a conversation tomorrow…..challenge accepted.
( with my new shoes.)


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