Ta. Really, I mean it………x


Those in glass houses….

Well it’s been quite the week. My language family to a kicking then the education system took a kicking….anyone else like a wee go???
My best friend is a nurse and often we chat about how we just could not swap roles for a day. Her devotion to patients is quite something, and she cares so much for them. When I have mentioned that I just don’t know how she manages to do it, to face traumatic situations and keep level-headed, she reminds me that if wasn’t for teachers she wouldn’t be doing it.
I would never dream of criticising the nhs or the nursing profession. They have always been wonderful to me and my family, and let’s be honest,what do I know about it? Having had operations, a baby and various other dealings with health specialists, doesn’t then make me an expert in the medical field. It might as well be another country, with another language and a set of cultural norms. Would I dream of criticising it? Eh no. I might need it again.
A recent article caused a bit of a stooshie within my professional learning network over the past few days.
Someone who doesn’t work in the local situation decided to have a bit of a pop. Criticising everything from instruction to allocation of time. I hear you. A lot of us complain about that no matter where we live and work….but it’s not like I am going to slag off fellow professionals and belittle what they do as it’s not in the same stratosphere as mine.
I had the privilege of speaking with some fantastic language teachers a few years ago in Southampton. We talked about the latest language learning policy and how things were different where we all taught in terms of policy, time requirement, resources. All with different pressure points but one thing was the same. We all loved children and wanted to give them the very best experience of language learning that we could.
It’s easy to criticise something from a distance, it’s also easy to romanticise your own experience and start a gigantic chorus of everything is awesome, everything is cool when you are part of a team etc etc….
So to all the lovely people out there who are ” doing a shift” under some pretty pressured circumstances, who are trying to balance family life and educational life and now just want to make it better ( and believe you me, would love to have the time to do the research, write about it, do a book, do a tour and produce resources) I thank you.
The weans thank you. You are worth more than many sparrows.


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