2 Singapore Slings and a Menopause please


There are only a handful of people you would run through a wall for, and I am lucky there are several shiny stars who keep me sane, grounded and out of prison. I was with my precious Miss N and it was one of those heart warming, side-splitting, tear jerking get togethers as it always is. She works in residential care and education and l love to listen to her talk about her work. We both laughed that we have jobs that don’t stop when you walk out the door, and how we didn’t mind the wee texts/calls just to update us on a young person or colleague. Over a meal, we talked about leadership, next steps and a shared dislike of paperwork.
One of the things I love about Miss N is her tremendous sense of social justice and courage to take a stand, even when it’s awkward. We have both been in the situation where we’ve been confronted with people who COULD make a difference but CHOOSE not to. When it comes to children and young people, it’s just not an option.
As the ice cream appeared we talked of people we worked with who had the huge potential to make seismic changes to young people and who didn’t. People who were gifted with compassion, inspiration and dedication and didn’t want to work with others to make a dent in the universe.
Obviously when we rule the world it will be different.
We spoke a lot about work life balance and how there is a real need to get it right. Both for ourselves and for our own wee people.
We decided to move on and found ourselves perched with two Singapore slings putting the world to right. We chatted with people at the bar who were making a day of it in the city. We watched as people fell off their stools, Tried to look cool with oysters and tried to impress each other with their newly found clothes in the sales. We admired the showmanship of the young bar staff as we decided if we were having a hot flush or just staring the menopause in the face shouting “‘ mon then”. We of course did not fall off our stools or go for oysters. We did reminisce about a certain day to the sales and on our return when asked about our purchases, we could only answer gin. The time to sit back and observe everything going on round about us, was both illuminating and a luxury. I only wish in education we had more of that luxury.
The chance to spend some time putting the world to right, talking about work, weans and what next is bliss. It’s. Like what a good PRD should be. Sans gin.
If carlsberg made the perfect partner in crime, then Miss N would be the model.


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