Christmas Professional Downtime


The last term was a rough one for just about everyone. Stress, illness, dark days and rain. Many meetings were prefaced with “excuse the state of me, I’m nursing a bug”
The start of the holidays saw many people saying I’m just burst. I noticed that even my most energetic of friends were happier to have a night in front of the tv when the usual would have been doing the high kick painting the town a redder shade of red.
It’s not a sign of getting old, it’s maybe just a realisation that we do need to look after ourselves better and charge rather than continuing to run on empty.
This holiday for me , I am going to be honest…..I am 9 days into it and have not looked at an email, piece of paper, or had a work call. It never of fails to make me giggle about the amount of people on social media declaring how long it has been since they looked at work email ….guess what….the world is still turning.
I have spent time with family and friends, we have spoken a lot about teaching and learning. All in a very generic way and believe it or not it has given me plenty of food for thought. Those conversations that give you a what if thought…..
Someone asked me ” what do you do to relax?”
I had to think.
I’ve watched a bit of telly. Most of all I have spent time with people I wanted to. Family and friends whom I often find it hard to see as we are all mostly working parents and resemble burst couches.
Relaxing is an art. I think perhaps a discipline. I hate rules and am not good at following them, however, getting better at switching off has given me a better sense of recharging and clarity of thought.
I’m not sure if the GTCS would sign off 14 days of informal discussion, intercultural understanding and fact-finding ( food and drink appreciation) and blue sky thinking…. But as I look to 2017, I’m excited about the challenges and adventures at work. So maybe the best Christmas professional downtime should count too.


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