Be Good?


So,two days in. So far so good.
It’s actually been quite a nice way to get back into the new year.
I was recently chatting with a gorgeous linguist friend of mine and we were laughing about the wee words and phrases we use in class.
I have a friend that whenever we meet says to me “it’s good to put eyes on you”and when I leave he always tells me to “be good”
To be fair,he recently had to get glasses so I reckon I must have been blurry for a bit but I figure I look better in soft focus or with a filter anyway. However,I have to say it’s good to finally out eyes on this new year. Even with a filter or soft focus, 2016 was a bit sharp. Too many things going on globally that I don’t need to mention here but I love the fact that the new year is another wee start midway through the academic session. I had a some really good catch ups with my language family and to be honest,they were shattered at the end of the year but excited about coming back to get tore in to their own learning. I know that I learn better through doing and it’s always good to get another set of eyes on standards or ideas particularly in relation to pupil work.
At university studying translation and interpreting, we were always encouraged to do a version of a translation then come back to it with a fresh set of eyes.
In our usual adolescent way we used to joke about eyes hanging out our heads and new sets going in ( that may have had more to do with students night out at century 2000 in Lothian road but that that’s another story)
It’s amazing when you put a wee bit of time on things then go back to them. I’ve found it’s a technique that’s worked well especially at work.
(It’s worked well particularly with emails that had I sent in haste it would have been the P45 pronto. )
So I’m putting fresh eyes on my own teaching and learning. I have now finally committed to my Gaelic learning and the app is on the phone and I’ trying in earnest.
I’m also taking a fresh look at the opportunities for all my learners to make sure they are getting the best possible learning experiences too.
So, Be Good? I can’t imagine why my friend would say this to me. As if I would be anything other than that. (Reminds me of my Papa C,who used to say that too) I don’t plan n being good at all. I don’t think good cuts it. I think we need to be awesome. In every sense of the word.
I hope this year is going to be in sharp focus for all the right reasons. It’s good to put eyes on it, and no, I don’t plan on being good.


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