Don’t ask me, I’m just here to make up the numbers…


A few times recently I have had that question posed to me -what would you know anyway? And I don’t mean from teenagers who are flicking their hair at me.
I was recently doing some in service training with a big group of teachers and at the end of it one of them was sitting marking a pile of books, and it transpires this had been going on all through the session.
I’m thick skinned enough not to be offended by this but I was more offended by the fact that a pen was being waved at these books Ron Weasley magic wand style. Thinking I had nothing to lose I asked if they were actually looking at the work, and the reply was staggering. It didn’t matter as they were only infants.
We talked round about language learning and routines that were being employed with the class which I found interesting to say the least. When I started to scratch a bit under the surface as to the why and background to this there was an immediate leap to the defence and I was confronted with “well what would you know anyway?”
Fair point.
However if they had listened to the training,perhaps they may have gleaned that I knew a wee bit,not a lot, but a wee bit language learning.
Working with teachers gives me the chance to talk about theory, give examples of personal experience and promote discussion. I don’t claim to be any kind of expert more a sharer of ideas. So what indeed what would I know?
It happened again this week and I had to laugh. I would never dream of asking someone in a different profession what would they know, as it would be a damn sight more than me.
Yet again, this was fired at me from someone outside of teaching. What would I know?
All I have is my experience, stories of well meaning interactions, successes -both personal and professional and whole host of ” what was I thinking” examples.
All learning.
Both for me and my students.
I don’t claim to be an expert, I love what I do and am passionate about all aspects of teacher education and making a difference to learners.
What would I know?
I know my learners. I know my subject. I have an idea of what can work.
And I know that when I listen, I learn.


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