If you try…..you get what you need


I know the Rolling Stones said you can’t always get what you want….but indeed today was a day when I got just what I needed. A day of wee parcels of loveliness.
It started with a visit to a school to see a student teacher. Catching up with former colleagues was just lovely as we talked about our love of a back row. To put this into context, when out visiting student teachers, I often find myself up at the back of a class with the teacher, catching up on all things teaching and learning and life in general. The music in the staff base took me back to days of working with one of the teachers where I discovered Gregory Porter amongst others. It was a lovely way to start the day.
The next wee parcel was a crit with one of my student teachers. It was quite simply a joy. A disengaged class of adolescents and she had them working away and ever so gently coached and guided them so that every one of them experienced success.
The next beautifully wrapped parcel was a visit to my old school. I still know a fair few of the kids and they were all happy to stop and chat and ask after the wee lady. It did my heart the power of good to see how they had grown and we’re just as happy and excitable as ever. The student I visited there was equally as impressive and really put a shift in with the learners. I couldn’t help but be chuffed to bits.
Another wee parcel was some time with my daddy. I had to buy a new TV and had a giggle when the woman asked how I was going to carry it – I had brought haunners. Daddy. A coffee and chat about the state of affairs was in order and then staff training.
Another particularly happy parcel was hearing from a friend who had been out of touch for a while. The power of a wee message to say hello is something else and came just at the right time today. I guess sometimes we get so caught up in our own nonsense that we forget that wee things matter. A day of days, quite lovely indeed.


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