No, I don’t need an evaluation. Thanks.
For years we used to fill out evaluations after courses. Hall was cold, pieces were tasteless, nae biscuits.
We didn’t really focus on the learning, it was more about the niceties of a day out to be honest.
Then when someone did say they didn’t like the presenters you were raging as ” they come to sweet fanny Adams and when they do, all they do is moan”
You know the sort.
I don’t give out paper evaluations , I know when the room is cold or lunch is rotten.
Recently I was finishing a session of training when one of the participants bounded up to me to say it was no bother to give me a good evaluation and put in a word for me.
Aye, really.
I don’t know who the word is with right enough.
I’ve become very good at evaluating my own performance. I know exactly when I’m crap, useless and would have been better in my bed. Some weeks are a bit like that. Head cold, terrible hair and a to do list that is longer than yon braid of Rapunzel can leave me at less than my sparkling best. However, as a lovely speedo wearing friend has told me, sometimes good is good enough.
Bref, many of my student teachers are torturing themselves right now and over analysing that one difficult activity or one difficult class that is causing them grief. We do tend to focus on what we did wrong, that one wee thing that was enough to send us into a tail spin. While I’m not suggesting rose-tinted glasses, keeping it in perspective is always an idea.
You don’t need an evaluation form for that..


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