Welcome home…..

This week brought the strangest experience. Visiting a student who was in my old classroom.The room of adventures, plans, tears,music and a place where the magic happened.
When I first moved to the school, I taught in lots of different rooms and when I finally got my own room it was a feeling of coming home. I couldn’t wait to get my stamp all over it. Work from the weans, photos of my pals ( carefully edited T in the park ones of course ) realia, resources and memories.
So many of my stories from my early teaching career are from this room. The magical classes, the enthusiastic students, the bonkers classes, the French breakfasts, my favourite Spanish class ever, the singing, and the laughs.
It’s amazing how you get quite attached to a place.
Being a tiny part of a big of department was a wonderful experience where I really learned how to hone my craft of teaching. Professionally stretched and personally satisfied – I could not have asked for more. Despite being the baby I was treated with equal respect and valued by a diverse staff with a combined experience which made them the envy of many schools. Some of my teaching heroes were the stalwarts of the department. All very diverse characters but the sense of collegiality was amazing. Development plans were issued and staff signed up to tasks, at holiday times classes were collapsed and tea was brought to your desk, when you had a “moment” you were enveloped in support and more tea was provided.
Room 9 saw some of the most beautiful, talented children I have ever had the joy to work with. Huge hearts, patience and curiosity.
It was also the room I listened to students experiencing their first heartbreak, the first forays into adulthood and where I cried as much as they did.
I was lucky to have been granted leave for a year and I remember packing up my room, ,wondering what I was coming back to. When I came back, I shared my room but it was still very much a big part of my teacher identity.
Coming back to it over 10 years later, the wonky bookcase was still there and the white board was still wrecked ( Jif used to work wonders) but it was totally different.
New adventures and new memories for other people.
It was fitting that on this occasion,I watched another star being born. Must be something about the room.


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