My knitting is ripped

Well that’s my knitting well and truly ripped.
I imagine I must be in a queue to have tea and scones with this gentleman and ram a French dictionary up his derrière. All with an entrepreneurial flourish.
All those teachers who don’t want to come out on a Saturday to learn about how to be more entrepreneurial and see what work is like in the real world.
Clearly, what we do is not real and not creative and if we were to judge ourselves based on this poor assessment of our qualifications,experience and professional conduct, then it will be P.45s all round.
I have one thing to say.
Why is it that people who know nothing about teaching and learning are the quickest to criticise not only the profession but everyone involved in it.
Most teachers performed a balancing act throughout their studies to earn enough to survive or pay for tuition. To reduce that to a summer with camp America and a dalliance with bevvy is not only insulting to Camp America and alcohol,it’s just wrong.
Partnership is one of the areas that schools work on and it brings so many benefits to the teachers and learners. Bringing in experts from various different work related contexts gives a local, national and international slant on learning and skills development. Most Secondary teachers specialise in particular subjects,not just because they “quite like it” but because they realise how valuable their subject is for young people. I teach languages because that’s my area of expertise, passion and joy. I think I am quite entrepreneurial in my approaches, I think encourage and develop skills rough my pedagogy, and I think my own experience ( which was not Camp America and cheap vodka) tells the story of how you can do anything if you are determined and work hard.
When I look for professional development, I look for things that directly impact on my ability to do my job better for the learners I am privileged to work with. Going to training on a Saturday is not a new thing for me, or any of the fabulous professionals I work with. We train,discuss and collaborate. All with the intention of making things better for our learners.
There really is nothing worse than someone offering snake oil to fix the problems they perceive to be at the heart of Education.
Working with young people doesn’t turn teachers into extras from the walking dead. Other things help very well with that, but I have yet to find someone who has left teaching because of children.
That’s why we are in it. For the weans. Every decision is based on what are the best outcomes for the learners.
We can’t have inspired children without inspired teachers,and yes there is still work to be done on that( discussion for another day)
So,Jim,I know it’s well meant,but perhaps the next time you want to tick your corporate responsibility box, you can know your audience.
Kind regards.


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