Just for cosmetic purposes

Like any other parent or carer, I think my daughter is quite simply the most perfect wee Angel on earth. In every sense of the word.
I have noticed over the last wee while that she is getting more conscious of how she looks and what other people think.
Although she is one of the youngest in her class, she, like me, is a big girl. She is tall and healthy.
Recently she asked me if she was fat. My daughter is Just where she should be yet a few wee comments had made her think about her body and how she looked.
Having spent my formative years being referred to as the fat funny one of the female cousins, I am determined that she doesn’t start worrying about suchlike.
However, recently we were at the orthodontist to check and see there was enough space with all her big teeth coming in.
She is not the biggest fan of the dentist but she was calm and was reassured that this was just a check to see if she had space. ( The Demon dentist is a great story but I’m sure has not done the profession any favours)
The orthodontist asked her if she wanted to be as beautiful as her friends.
Cue the raging mother in the corner in her best r.p voice (who is looking at her 8-year-old wide-eyed daughter beginning to well up) inform said orthodontist that her daughter is already beautiful. (While at getting ready to fling her shoe at him)
He then tried to dig himself out of it by saying she could be even more beautiful by having work done on her teeth.
She’s 8.
If he was looking to gain paid business then I’m sure there are plenty of people who think that teeth that could eat an apple through a tennis racket at the age of 8 is necessary. Not this mammy.
No medical reason for it he informed me, just perhaps in the future ( 18 months he told me and would I like an appointment booked?)to make sure they are perfectly straight and white. for cosmetic purposes. Whit???
Cue a discussion with my daughter about cosmetic work on her teeth.
So, mr.orthodontist…..my daughter is beautiful. Her wee friends are beautiful too.
I’m sure you noticed, she still has a lot of her milk teeth too.
Demon dentist indeed.


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